Milano Film Network proposes a training project in cinema and through cinema, with courses dedicated to lower and secondary school, universities, film schools, professionals, educators, but also children and their parents.
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Starting from the specificity of each festival and the priority themes that characterize the various events – from training to interculture, from peace to diversity, from gender difference to video art and works first and second by young filmmakers from various parts of the world, from independent cinema to the one that conveys the message of sport – the intent of the training sector of the Milano Film Network is to actively involve young audiences with proposals and diversified paths that favor meetings and discussions with directors and professionals from the world of cinema, facilitate the development of critical skills and a careful look and contribute to the expansion of cognitive skills / of the students involved.

During the course of the individual festivals, matinees are organized for schools in Milan and its province , with screenings, meetings with the authors and workshops. University students can participate as active protagonists by taking part in the creation of young juries , who will view and judge some of the films in competition in the seven festivals of the network, and becoming part of the organizational staff of the individual events through collaboration in the context of internships and training internships.
The training project of the Milano Film Network, however, does not remain anchored to the development of individual festivals, but continues throughout the school and academic year with the organization of training courses for teachers, adolescents and parents and with the promotion of a n catalog of films aimed at various age groups which includes specific in-depth courses and screenings in schools.

It is possible to request information and extracts from the in-depth dossiers and teaching materials in preparation, to agree on programs and training courses to be carried out at different times of the year and to book meetings and matinees for your classes during the seven Milano Film Network Festivals by writing to

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