All the press releases of Milano Film Network’s activities are available and downloadable below, divided by type and arranged chronologically year by year.

Industry MFN project

CS MID closure by MFN_2019

CS MID by MFN 2019

CS_MFN presentation Venice_2019

CS MID closure by MFN 2018

CS MID for press kit FMK_FICTS_2018

CS_MFN presentation Venice_2018

CS MID closure by MFN 2017

CS MFN_second launch ATELIER 2017

CS MFN_presento Venezia 2017_def

CS Awards In progress_Atelier and closing MID 2016

On the occasion of the Movie Week of the Municipality of Milan

CS_MFN at MovieWeek 2019

CS MID Special Edition for Movie Week 2018_def

For network festivals

CS_MFN for press conference MFF2019

CS MID for press kit FMK_FICTS_2018

CS_MFN for Milano Film Festival_2018

CS MFN_per Sguardi Altrove 2018

CS MFN_per FICTS 2017

CS MFN_per Invideo 2017

CS MFN_per MIX 2017