In Progress

IN PROGRESS MFN was born in 2014, the production laboratory aimed at developing audiovisual projects aimed at young directors, the first Italian workshop dedicated to this fundamental phase in the birth of a film. MFN has been offering workshops for years aimed at young film and audiovisual professionals with the aim of connecting the city and its post-training system to the best European experiences, on international aesthetic and production standards. IN PROGRESS is the culmination of this experience.

Milano Film Network presents


with the contribution of MIBAC – Directorate General for Cinema

in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan

Lombardia Film Commission, Civic School of Cinema “L. Visconti ”and Filmmaker Festival

In Progress LAB is a series of meetings organized by Milano Film Network in collaboration with Filmmaker F estival e Civica School of Cinema “Luchino Visconti” .

Aimed at an audience of film students, young authors, producers and audiovisual professionals, In Progress LAB offers a vision from < strong> internal of the creative, organizational and distribution problems that a young author has to face at the beginning of his professional career.

This is the program of the three sessions scheduled during the Milan Industry Days 2019 :

& gt; M arted ì November 19th h.10 – 13

Promotion and distribution: two or three things you should know before starting

Eddie Bertozzi (programmer and buyer)

meeting conducted by Luca Mosso (Filmmaker festival)

& gt; Thursday 21 November 10 am – 1 pm

Festival Decalogue for young authors

Paolo Moretti (General Delegate of the Quinzaine des R éalisateurs of Cannes)

meeting conducted by Luca Mosso (Filmmaker festival)

& gt; Thursday 21 November h. 2.30pm – 5pm

Political gaze and research of form

Abbas Fahdel (director of Homeland and Bitter Bread )

meeting led by Cristina Piccino (Il Manifesto)

In Progress LAB is a new format born from the experience of In Progress MFN, the first and only production laboratory aimed at the development of audiovisual projects and aimed at young people directors.

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The In Progress MFN project

Milano Film Network intends to support authors in the development and realization of films and audiovisual projects that are innovative in terms of language, techniques, contents and modality à productive . IN PROGRESS MFN is aimed at developing cinematographic ideas which, once formalized in production projects, will be selected and supported from a creative, organizational and financial point of view.

The training course is divided into a series of theoretical-practical insights, conducted by directors and professionals with an international profile, which is joined by constant activity à comparison with a mentor accompanied by further activity à tutoring.

The workshop saw the participation, as mentor of the selected projects, by Michelangelo Frammartino ( The gift, The four times ) by Leonardo Di Costanzo ( The interval, the intruder) and by the director and producer Carlo Hintermann ( The Dark Side of the Sun ), and in quality by tutors, by Alice Arecco, Gaia Formenti, Raffaella Milazzo and Luca Mosso.

At the end of the lecture, mentoring and tutoring phase, the selected candidates develop an artistic-productive dossier relating to the audiovisual project developed , evaluated by an external jury composed of experts from the sector and nominated by the Milano Film Network, and the finalists participate in the presentation and one-to-one meetings organized during the Milano Industry Days.

The experience and the results achieved

The experience, in its fifth edition, is based on the thirty-year activity à supporting the production of Filmmaker (thanks to which the first films of Studio Azzurro, Bruno Bigoni, Silvio Soldini, Alina Marazzi, Michelangelo Frammartino, Giovanni Maderna, Paolo Vari, Martina Parenti) successfully renovated in recent years by MFN.

The format was inaugurated in 2013 with the workshop Terrestrial nutrition, celestial nutrition , which gave life to films such as Frastuono by Davide Maldi (International Competition Turin Film Festival 2014, production Invisibile Film – Rai Cinema), I want to sleep with you by Mattia Colombo (selection Cin éma du Réel 2014, co-production Italian-French Start srl / The Kingdom with the Lombardy Region, CNC and Procirep / France), Commander by Enrico Maisto (International Feature Film Competition Milano Film Festival 2014), Abacuc by Luca Ferri (Turin Film Festival 2014), Boy by Lorenzo Apolli (FID Marseille 2015), Tyndall by Fatima Bianchi (Vision du R éel 2015), Sponde by Irene Dionisio (Competition Festival dei Popoli 2015, Mammut Film production with Rai Cinema, France Television, France 3 Corse , and the support of the Torino Piemonte Film Commission).

Subsequently he perfected himself with the editions of In Progress from 2014 to 2018 , focusing on the development phase, an important and critical moment of the creative and realization process, < / strong> often overlooked in the Italian system and on which the concrete outcome of cinematographic ideas and a large part of the film’s organizational, production and financial structure depend.

Here all the successful case histories of the projects developed in the past editions of In Progress: awards, co-productions and selections at festivals.