Milano Film Network offered during the first years of activity some important services related to the production of the festival event, who turned to the network subjects, favoring the exchange of good practices, instrumental resources and professional skills and to the territory, with the development and consolidation of new synergies between economic and social actors.

Festival services

Team of professional translators, experts in adaptation and subtitling, flanked by students from institutes and universities with specific translation courses for the audiovisual sector. The team takes care of creating subtitles for all the festivals, in reusable formats also for the distribution variations.

The service is still active, even for festivals outside the network, to request information and quotes:

Network of convention and partnership agreements with cinema theater managers and programmers, who also represent the first interlocutors of a new distribution circuit for festival films throughout the year; convention agreements with cultural institutions and spaces used for parallel events, such as exhibitions, installations and conferences.

Organization of the travel and stay in the city of directors and professionals in the film and audiovisual sector, through a management structure that also offers an alternative cultural hospitality model, suitable and adaptable to the different events, their audiences and guests, the frequency, the characteristics specific to the event itself.

Professional laboratory that makes use of the collaboration of technicians and experts for the realization of DCP masters with imprinted subtitles, starting from files.

Unique voluntary system that optimizes the organization processes during the realization of the single events and creates a team of young future professionals in the sector that is trained in the organization of film festivals.