For the third consecutive year, the Milano Film Network adheres to the Milan Movie Week, an initiative promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Milan , which is part of the annual schedule of Milanese events called Yes Milano, an appointment dedicated to Seventh Art that is increasingly having space in the Lombard capital: its vocation lies in its inclusive approach, which intends to embrace all the different types of cultural offer and proposal of the city in a single program that involves the whole city. At the Venice Film Festival, the new calendar of the MFN founding member Festivals was announced, which will resume their activities starting from September with the Festival Mix Milano (17 – 20 September) right in the heart of the Milan Movie Week.

Program of events organized by MFN

MONDAY 14th September
Cinema Beltrade, Via Oxilia 10 – 9.30 pm

Tickets on:
An old wooden house, surrounded by walls and guarded by the military and a director trying to get into that place. It is not just any place. That house looks like one he saw in an old photo of his grandfather.
The film, in competition at Cinéma du Réel in Paris, was developed and supported by MFN industry projects ( In Progress e L’ATELIER ).

THURSDAY 17 September
Cinema Beltrade, Via Oxilia 10 – 9.30 pm
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Milanese preview in the presence of the director.
The film tells the first year of training of 14-year-old Luca who, from a mountain village, finds himself catapulted into an austere hotel establishment where he will be forced to respect the strict ceremonial of the art of serving.
The film, presented in the Cineasti del Presente Competition at Locarno 2019, was awarded by L’Atelier MFN at the Milan Industry Days 2018.

Program of events organized by some of the festivals in the network

TUESDAY 15 September
MILAN TRIENNALE, Via Alemagna 6 – 8.15 pm and 10.15 pm
(2 screenings in v.o. with subtitles in ita)

Family Romance LLC by Werner HERZOG
Waiting for the 30th anniversary (March 2021), the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival – FESCAAAL, the only Italian festival dedicated to the cinema of the three continents, presents the film by the great master Werner Herzog in Milan. shot in Japan and presented at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. A film about human relationships, social networks, reality and fiction.

TUESDAY 15 September
FRANCO PARENTI THEATER, via Pier Lombardo 14 – 18.30 and 21.30 (2 screenings)
CAPTIVITY by Bruno Oliviero

In absolute premiere, a double appointment made by the Civic School of Cinema “L. Visconti” and Filmmaker to investigate interactions and overlaps between theater and cinema. Captivity by Bruno Oliviero tells the participated theater of Mimmo Sorrentino and his actresses imprisoned in the high security section of the Vigevano prison.
A meeting with the director and the protagonists is scheduled at 8.00 pm.
TRIENNALE MILANO Via Alemagna 6 – 8.30 pm (o.v. with subtitles in ita)

noreferrer”> UNDINE, ALMOST AN ANTICIPATION by Christian Petzold (Germany 2020)
IN COMPARISON by Harun Farocki (Germany 2009) – 10.00 pm

Awarded at the Berlinale 2020, the film is a melodrama inspired by Nordic mythology and stages an impossible love story in which the characters escape social conventions, physical laws and even the absolute geometries of destiny, with a tribute to the cinema of Harun Farocki, Petzold’s teacher and protagonist of a retrospective at Filmmaker 1998. Farocki’s “In Comparison” is presented, a reflection on the construction techniques of houses and on the effects they have on the associated life of humans and the logic of capital.

THURSDAY 17 September
Streaming at 9.00 pm on MYmovies

Sguardi Altrove anticipates the 27 edition, which will be held from 23 to 31 October 2020 on the MYmovies platform, through the screening of the documentary that collects the testimonies of some celebrities about the presence and representation of women in the entertainment world, and of cinema in particular. The screening will take place in the presence of the distribution of the film and will be followed by a debate.

nore”> 34th Milan MIX Festival
of GayLesbico Cinema and Queer Culture

From Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 September the 34th Milano MIX Festival of GayLesbico Cinema and Queer Culture will take place in a hybrid “phigital” form: in addition to the locations of the Piccolo Teatro Strehler and the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato, the films will be streaming on demand on and can be seen from all over Italy. The membership , with the donation of 15 euros , allows viewing in both modes by reserving a seat, both physical and digital.

Under the motto Love Together , strong> “And Then We Danced” by Levan Akin will open the dance at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler on Thursday 17 September but can be seen on MyMovies .it from 2.00 pm on Friday 18 September. There will be previews: in addition to the feature films La “La Negra” / a>, “Kokon” , “The ship of the olvido” , “Vento Seco “, ” Moffie “ (in physical mode), “The Twentieth Century “, “Margen de error “, ” Ellie and Abbie (And Ellie’s Dead Aunt) “ and again “Vento Seco “, “Moffie” (in physical mode), “The Twentieth Century” , “Margen de error” , “Ellie and Abbie (And Ellie’s Dead Aunt) “ and again “Vento Seco” (in digital streaming mode), many documentaries preview: ” Welcome to Chechnya “ (in physical mode), ” Queering the Script “, ” Si c’était de amaour “, ” Freedom “ and .

Check all the online program also for MIX OFF collateral events and awards.

SPORT MOVIES & amp; TV 2020 – 38 th Milan International FICTS Fest

Free preview – from 14 to 20 September – of “ SPORT MOVIES & amp; TV 2020 – 38 th Milan International FICTS Fest “Final of 20 Festivals (in the 5 Continents) of the” World FICTS Challenge “World Championship of Television, Cinema, Culture and Sports Communication as part of the third edition of the “ Milan Movie Week ” the week dedicated to the seventh art promoted and coordinated by the City of Milan, Department of Culture.

The FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs ( chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani and recognized by the International Olympic Committee ) which promotes the values ​​of sport through images in the 121 affiliated nations, has made 150 sports-themed films (20 films per day) available free of charge, which it has recently digitized from its cultural heritage containing a series of sports-themed cinematographic works. To access the Film Catalog directly, you must register for free at the link wwwFywO4kho7UC6 / access-free-catalog / . ____

Online the calendar of all the events of the Milan Movie Week day by day

And downloadable the program in pdf.

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