About us

Milano film network – a year long festival

The Milano Film Network (MFN) is the network that combines the experience and resources of the seven Milanese film festivals to offer a cultural offer throughout the year and a range of services for those involved in cinema and audiovisual in Milan and Italy.

Made thanks to the support of the Cariplo Foundation , the Milano Film Network was born as a project organized by seven film festivals in the city of Milan – African Film Festival of Asia and Latin America, Festival MIX Milan , Filmmaker, Invideo, Milan Film Festival, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Sport Movies & amp; Tv Fest – with a view to comparing and sharing organizational, production and experimentation experiences, gathering the needs of individual realities and acting as an authoritative reference point for the entire film and audiovisual sector in the area.

The Milano Film Network proposes itself as an inclusive project not only for operators in the sector, but also for institutions and socio-economic actors, in recognition of the value of cinema as an art form but also as a production sector that generates positive effects on a large fabric urban.

Two specific objectives of the MFN:

– in the short term, to create a cinema system within the city of Milan, i.e. a stable model of collaboration through an inter-organizational network – primarily among film festivals – which allows an innovative exchange of knowledge, instrumental resources, services and opportunities;

– in the long term, making Milan a fundamental pole for cinematographic and audiovisual activity on the national and international scene, enhancing its resources through a network open to the participation of multiple subjects.

To achieve these objectives, the MFN operates on two different fronts:
– offers SERVICES linked to the production of the event, in support of the network and available to the territory: from the management of cultural hospitality to the care of subtitling systems, from the technological adaptation for projections to management services spaces, up to the organization of a voluntary service typical of high participation cultural events.
– organizes and promotes a calendar of ACTIVITIES & Agrave; of permanent programming, in collaboration also with other subjects that deal with cinema and audiovisual, such as the creation of a common archive based on the digitization of the works present in the archives of individual festivals, the distribution of films from festivals in a new dissemination and promotion circuit, the organization of workshops and specific training courses, the impulse to production initiatives for audiovisual projects.